zondag 17 mei 2015

Everglades in springtime

Even in a vast area as the Everglades, Florida, there are environmental influences (i.p. surrounding agriculture), which disturb the balanced ecosystem and reduce biodiversity.  I'm glad to at least think that the animals that live there, don't notice ;-).
It seemed to me that the alligators, iguanas and lizards were relaxed and enjoyed the sun and that the elegant egrets, herons, ibises and ospreys waited quietly for a big fish to swim along. Apart from these wonderful sights we were very lucky to see some raccoons and wild hogs scrabbling around in the twilight.

Let's hope that this unique piece of earth, this national park, with its amazing flora and fauna will be maintained and will continue to exist for a long, long time! By means of my pictures I've at least kept some worthwhile and superb moments to cherish in our memory...

American alligator


Lanceleaf Arrowhead

Green Iguana

White Ibis

Eastern lubber grasshopper

Red-shouldered Hawk


Little blue heron

Halloween pennant dragonfly

Cottonmouth viper

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