maandag 4 november 2019

Mallorca in October

In an attempt to lengthen the summer, work on our condition and watch birds, we visited the North of Mallorca in October.
We were successful in all our goals! Nice walking weather and many active birds.
It was especially nice to meet a new species we never saw before: the Stone-curlew! 
A cute bird with beautiful yellow eyes, living in groups.
In s‘ Albufera, Mallorca’s natural park, we enjoyed in the mild weather all sorts of birds, butterflies & dragonflies.
We saw many herons and egrets, black-winged stilts, sandpipers and above all an osprey that was eating and bathing joyfully (so it seemed ;-).
It’s such a pleasure to have the time to observe wildlife in unspoiled nature!

S’ Albufera Natural Park

Bathing Osprey

Osprey, ready for take off

Common Sandpiper

Hoopoe's hiding place


Berger’s clouded Yellow and Plain Tiger

Son Real

Startled Hoopoe and Sparrow

Common Reeds


Stormy weather

Black-winged Stilts

Cap de Formentor