woensdag 21 augustus 2019

Mecklenburg and Jutland

Just for a change we went to a countryside not far away from home and where we’d never been before: Mecklenburg Vorpommern in Germany and Jutland, Denmark.
We visited several nature reserves and national parks; in most places it was very peaceful and quiet, hardly any people. In between the parks enormous wheatfields, cow pastures and a single village.
It was hard though, to find a place to get a cup of coffee (let alone an alcoholic drink ;-), especially in Denmark. Friendly, but somewhat distant people; but then again, we were there for Mother nature!
We were treated with large quantities of butterflies, some dragonflies and a few birds. In Mecklenburg we were glad to see lots of cranes and we had a very good view of a sea-eagle at the Plauer See, always impressive!
We also loved the fascinating skies because of the instable weather; they are so much more interesting than a blue sky ;-).
In Schwerin itself, where we stayed for a week, some bubbleblowers in front of the “Schloss” caught my attention, enjoy the result.
So, all together, an interesting trip! 
(if you look carefully, there's always something worth while ;-)

Portland Mosen, Jutland 

Brown Hawker, oviparous, Lille Vildmose

Grassland near the Schaalsee

Roe deer, NSG Lewitz

Black Darter dragonfly, Lille Vildmose

Rook, Sea-eagle, Great black-backed gull

Wheatfields Østerild

Painted Lady, Common Blue, Scarce Copper

Crane NSG Lewitz

Ominous sky, Vejlerne

Heath Fritillary, Small Tortoiseshell, Clouded Yellow

Observation hide, Lund Fjord

Bubbles at the Schloss, Schwerin