woensdag 7 augustus 2013

From San Francisco to Crater Lake

Having a son living in San Francisco gives a beautiful opportunity for a nice trip. Our aim was Crater Lake, Oregon.  As soon as you have left Sacramento behind, you find yourself in an area with wild refuges and a little further up north with lots of lakes which attract all sorts of (water)birds. We’ve seen black-necked stilts, green herons, western grebes (photo), white pelicans, nutcrackers,  steller’s jay (photo), red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds, white-faced ibises  and last but not least the bald eagle. To make this paradise picture complete, the cute mule deer appeared among the flowers every now and again.
Crater lake, immense and impressive because of its size, was an adventure in itself, especially since we wanted to climb down to take a tasty mouthful of the cristal clear water of the lake…
San Francisco itself remains an interesting, hilly and sometimes foggy city. It has perspectives from many crossroads  all the way to the seaside, great bridges, spacious parks, old buildings and a colorful population.

Again, never a dull moment in America!