maandag 28 december 2015

Unknown France

In spring and autumn 2015 we went to the natural parcs of "Foret d'Orient" and "la Brenne" in the flat parts of central France. In spring and autumn weather is agreeable there and not many tourists are to be found :-). Animals and insects on the contrary, like wild hogs, dragonflies, beetles, frogs and lizards appeared every now and again. 
In spring we also came across special flowers in abundance, like all sorts of orchids. As you might notice, we visited beautiful old spots in the neighbourhood and enjoyed the vast and colourful fields we passed.

We cherish all these discoveries and will return to these areas one day. Who knows we will also observe the migration of cranes over there…

Ophrys Apifera


Rana Temporaria

Graphosoma lineatum 

Gomphus Vulgatissimus

Lacerta viridis

Cetonia aurata

Phalera Bucephala

Wild Hogs