zondag 22 maart 2020

Mallorca in springtime!

We visited the beautiful national parks of Mallorca before, but never in springtime. So this was a new experience in the first week of March ‘20.
It feels extra special since we now know, that at the moment (hopefully not for a very long time) it’s impossible and not wise to travel to Spain or France…..

But anyway, we were lucky to enjoy the diversity of orchids and flowers and the first butterflies of the season like the green Hairstreak, the Swallowtail and the Wall. Especially in s’Albufera Natural Park we were treated to many water birds and birds of prey.

In my pictures I tried to capture birds in action and in the wind, the never ending beauty of water & light and the nice and the quiet park itself. 
We cherish the beautiful memory and feeling!

s 'Albufera Natural Park

Glossy Ibis

Ophrys Tenthedinifera                                           Hyacintorchis                                         Orchis Italica

Green Hairstreak

Andouin’s Gulls on the move

Marbled Duck

Thistle Galactitus Tomentosa

Avocets, with their chic blue-grey legs ;-)

s' Albufera Natural Park

Great Cormorant and Cattle Egret, heads in the wind

s' Albufera Natural Park

Stone-curlew, hiding for us...

Red kite hunting

Cala Mondragó Bay

Osprey, taking off after bathing

The same osprey, drying in the wind