zaterdag 30 december 2017

Murcia Spain

In November 2017 we had a good reason to fly to Murcia, a Southern region in Spain: 
a Michael Nyman concert in Cartagena (which was great ;-).
Ofcourse we extended our trip to be able to visit some “ parques naturales regionales”. This seemed to be a great idea in combination with the lovely weather we had.
We visited, among other things, Parc Natural el Hondo and Parc Regional de Calblanque, both extremely quiet and beautiful.
As you can see, we saw many birds, dragonfies, butterflies and blossoming plants. 
Most impressive were the enormous feet of the purple swamphen, 
probably very useful ;-)
All together a happy experience, especially in this (in Holland dark) time of year!!

Black necked Grebes (Podiceps Nigricollis)

Parque Natural el Hondo

Lesser Emperor (Anax Parthenope)

Black Redstart (Phoenicurus Ochruros)

Western Swamphen (Porphyrio Porphyrio)


Plain Tiger (Danaus Chrysippus)

Ants in flower

Meadowhawk ( Sympetrum Fonscolombii)

Parque Regional de Calblanque