maandag 12 april 2021

Het kleine beestjes boek: teeny-weeny animals

In the past few months, due to wintertime and corona, we were more homely than usual. So, instead of being outdoors, we studied all kind of nature aspects, such as the world of insects and the vital importance of biodiversity.
That brought me to the amazing beauty of all sorts of small animals, like spiders, insects, mollusks, crustaceans and a few cute mammals. From the only 1 millimeter springtail to the  20 centimeter hedgehog.
Inspired by the great David Hockney, I took my Ipad and started drawing these creatures. I enjoyed it so much, I could hardly stop ;-)
As a photographer I am an experienced observer, but to be able to draw in a more or less realistic way, requires much more. An interesting learning process!

Because of the cuteness of the result, my husband (biologist), stimulated me to create a children's book. Not only filled with these drawings, but also with a lot of fascinating nature facts. This way it would interest young people in the beauty and importance of nature. After all, small animals and little bugs are the basis of the food pyramid. 

To give you an impression, you'll find two examples in my blog. I thank Erik Visser for his graphic design. So far, the book is only avalable in  Dutch.

Hopefully not only children, but also their (grand)parents will enjoy this happy nature book!

If you like to receive a copy of the 40-page ' Het kleine beestjes boek', drop me a line or go to the printing office's website: