donderdag 2 november 2023

Ria Formosa, a birds paradise

In the South of Portugal, close to Faro, you'll find a vast nature reserve, partly surrounded by fancy golfcourses. It's called Ria Formosa, a wonderful and quiet area for bird lovers. I also spotted some gorgeous dragonflies.

Because of the bright weather, we had a good view of all the lovely waders in the inland lakes and the songbirds in the bushes and trees around them.

We were amazed to see so many species of birds in this time of year. What a rich nature! After less than a week we counted and admired some sixty species, quite a happy experience!

Little egret and turtle

Parasol pine

Little grebe

Black-and-red-bug on Golden star of Bethlehem

Black winged stilt

Violet dropwing

Salines near Tavira

Little egret

Lychens on a wall near the sea

Black faced weaver

Common wall gecko

Whose feather is this?

Nice bird area near Vilamoura

Scarlet dragonfly

Glossy ibis