maandag 3 april 2017


In March we found ourselves for a week or so on the Canarian island of Tenerife. Our purpose was to explore nature in this time of year and to find some of the dragonflies of the few species that exist here.
Because of the uncertain weather this was quite a challenge; especially because they only appear in in the sunshine… We took a good chance in the Barranco del Infierno, where in the protected areas they were present for a short while in all their beauty.
The somewhat windy weather however, made the coastline, with its big waves, an interesting sight to watch and capture. The most intriguing catch there, was the Portuguese Man of War, a beautiful blue colonial organism, see photo made by my husband (a biologist) by the way.

And of course there is this rugged land all over the place, with its rocky lava mountains and the proud Teide on top of this ever fascinating island!!

Pico del Teide

Caneriensis-Bicacarera (Canary Island Bellflower)

Sympetrum Nigrefemur (Island Darter)

Punta Hidalgo (NE coast)

Portuguese Man of War

Montaña Roja (S coast)

Remains in Garachico

Los Roques in the Cañadas

Trithemis Arteriosa (Red-veined dropwing)

Euphorbia Canarienses (Canary Island Spurge)

Alectoris Barbara (Barbary Partridge)

Brassica Napus (Coleseed flower)

At the end of the day ;-)