zondag 9 februari 2014

Portugal in Winter

In our experience the Portuguese are extremely friendly people.  Apart from that, Portugal  has a temperature of some 10 ° C. higher than what we usually have in Holland. This means that, as from October, Portugal is usually quite a nice place to be, to put it mildly.
As you can see in my photos we experienced some showers as well as a lot of sunny spells. It’s this combination that colors the palm trees nice fresh green and even makes the hotel swimming pool worthwhile. Along the seaside there’s a lot of salt winning going on and the long legged seabirds enjoy –like us-  their fish dinner. No need to say that a fine port wine completes the good life over there.
The “letzte Bratwurst” at the far south-west end of the country, shows us that the Germans also have found their way to this paradise for sun, sea and nature lovers.  It’s not impossible that, one year in spring, we want to see more of this friendly corner of Europe.