maandag 11 maart 2019

Cranes (Grus grus!) at Lac du Der, France

Every year, in the months of February and March, impressive groups of cranes fly all the way from Spain to Scandinavia. They use the summertime to breed there and fly back in October and November.
They have fixed places on their route to rest and forage on land and shallow water.  
Cranes are omnivores and eat mainly waste grains, berries and insects.

A fortnight ago we went to the “Région Champagne-Ardenne” where these magnificent birds usually take a rest en feed themselves. Especially the “Lac du Der” is the place to be. We were lucky that the weather was very beautiful for the time of year: bright and clear and not very cold, some 15° C. and most importantly, we saw thousands of cranes!!

As you can see in my pictures we could admire them in all sorts of situations: flying in formations, landing, foraging, quite close, far away, in the morning  and at sunset.  
We look back in wonder and gratitude!!