vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

The beauty of insects

Due to personal circumstances this summer, we mainly explored quiet, often wet, natural areas in our own country, Holland. No predators or raptors this time, but big fun on the square inch! It’s just a question of taking the time and watch very carefully.

Once you get involved in the amazing world of beetles, flies, wasps and dragonflies, there seems to be no end to exploring this small world of beauty.

As a bonus, you’ll find in the gridpic the story of a wasp escaping from raspberry cider after a delicious bath. Enjoy!

     Lestes viridis 

Vespa crabo

Geotrupes vernalis

Aeshna mixta

Panorpa communis

Lucilia caesar
Orthetrum ancellatum

Carabus auratus

Sympetrum danae (cornu)

Sympetrum vulgatum opulabis

Vespula vulgaris