woensdag 8 maart 2023

Martinique revisited


Seven years ago, we discovered this french island's nature for the first time.

Apart from the pleasant atmosphere and friendly people, we enjoyed the subtropical environment, especially the reptiles, flowers, birds and insects.

And since winter in Holland is not the happiest season in our opinion, a second nature researce of Martinique seemed a good idea. And so it was!

As you can see, the endemic anoles, iquanas, crabs, herons and insects luckily were still there, very much alive and colourful. All together a happy second experience!

Erithrodiplax umbrata (band-winged dragonlet, female)

Bubulcus ibis (cattle egret)

Anolis roquet (Martinique anole)

Eburia quadrigeminata (ivory marked beetle)

Acacia (seed pods)

Sicalis flaveola (saffron finch)

Cardisoma guanhumi (blue land crab, juvenile)

Anolis roquet (Martinique anole)

Butorides virescens (green heron)

Thalasseus maximus (royal tern)

Orthemis macrostigma (tropical king skimmer)

Dione vanillae (passion butterfly)

Bay Fort de France

Iguana iguana (American iguana)