zaterdag 14 november 2020

Poetic image of the “Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch”


In the past six months, Marieke van leeuwen and I have been working with great enthusiasm on a richly illustrated collection of nature poetry, seventeen in number. The book shows how a nature reserve develops itself in a short time and how many plant and animal species happily occupy the area! 

In this specific case we have taken the "Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch" (an area in Southern South Holland) as an example. Such a development could happen anywhere where ever we give space to nature. And while doing so, we serve the earth and thus ourselves...

We hope to inspire you with this book full of endearing poems, charming birds, insects and other animals. Below, you'll find the book cover and an example of a left and right page from the book, to give you an impression.

The poems were made by Marieke, the design was created by a friend Erik Visser ( and -no surprise there- the photo work was realised by me.

So far the poems have been written in Dutch as you can see. We keep ourselves recommended to publish an English version. So let us know if you are bilingual, creative and feel challenged ;-)

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