dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Volcanic La Palma

Of all Canarian islands la Palma is, because of its gigantic caldera, recent outbursts (1971) and vast black lava fields, perhaps the most volcanic one. It’s also the place where you can breathe the purest air of Western Europe, which helps a great deal while walking on steep trails…
When it's warm you see a lot of cheerful canaries and running lizards. And when you're very observant, you might set eyes on the beautiful Gallot’s lizard, a wonderful endemic species. Apart from beautiful nature men has created along the west coast a sort of banana republic. From a "Christo & Warhol" point of view I must say I like it … Another example of human intervention are the windmills along the coast which can be seen as decorative. 
Judge for yourself!

La Palma coastline

Gallot's lizard

Agave plant & flower

Lizard, caught by a cat

Rock succulent


"Christo" bananas

Windmills along the coast

Almond blossom

Hotel premises in the evening

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