dinsdag 7 september 2021

The happy animal book


After the success of "the teeny weeny animal book", it seemed a logical step to keep up drawing. And so I created a follow-up nature book for primary school students.
I should, exactly as in the previous situation, stimulate the love for nature. And of course promote reading pleasure and increase the knowledge of nature. There's also an instructive world map in the back of the book.

The result is "the happy animal book", in which many animals from all over the world tell the readers very personal stories about their way of living. Most of them seem to be happy ;-)
As you can see the animals have a nice appearance and look you straight in the eye. I discovered that this inspires children to go on reading and remain interested.
In the attached pictures you get an impression of the content of the book (40 pages, full colour, hard cover).
For now only available in Dutch through the internet bookstore or also directly from me. Send me an email if you're interested, miriamscha@gmail.com