vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Trip to South Carolina, California and Vancouver Island!

Because we have two children living in America (Charleston SC and San Francisco CA), we have a very good reason to cross the Atlantic every now and again. 
Apart form that, we found out that the early autumn period on Vancouver Island, is the perfect time to do some black bear spotting (meeting!).
So we planned and made a complex but magnificent trip, which completely answered our expectations.
We saw and experienced: Killer whales, salmon, black bear, amazing landscapes, bald eagles, wineries, exotic birds, butterflies and dragonflies, crawfish and anole lizards (eating dragonflies!).

Back home again in Holland, we enjoy the sweet memories and images ;-) 
Half Dome, Yosemity CA

Himantopus Himantopus (Black Winged Stilt) Silicon Valley CA  

Rosewall Creek, Vancouver Island

Argia Vivida (Bright Blue Damselfly) CA

Papilio Palamedes (Palamedes Swallowtail) SC

Cyanocitta Stelleri (Steller's Jay) Vancouver Island

Yosemity Valley CA

Ursus Americanus (Black Bear) BC

Orcinus Orca (Killer Whale) Pacific Ocean

Elk Falls, Vancouver Island

Agraulis Vanillae (Gulf Fritillary) SC

Anolis Carolinensis (Arboreal Anole Lizard) SC

Crawfish, Campbell River, Vancouver Island

Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

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