zondag 23 oktober 2011

Lost in Venice

Especially when the weather’s fine and you’re curious to find out what’s hidden behind the next corner or bridge, iIt’s not difficult to lose your way in Venice. There’s no risk whatsoever in just following your nose, because  it’s a safe place and it’s full of cute little restaurants. A “ cafe americano” or  “prosciutto con melone” is always within reach.  And if your feet don’t like your strolling any longer there are lots of waterbuses to take you to the other end of the city along the “grand canal” or to one of the nearby islands.
Apart from the Biennale and beautiful old Venice we enjoyed the islands of Burano and Murano. In Burona you find happily coloured houses and in Murano artists obviously had big fun in creating amazing structures by blowing pieces of glass (as you can see in my photo impression ;-).
Venice, an interesting combination of very old en modern stuff, a great place to have a romantic and adventurous time!

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