zondag 17 mei 2015

Everglades in springtime

Even in a vast area as the Everglades, Florida, there are environmental influences (i.p. surrounding agriculture), which disturb the balanced ecosystem and reduce biodiversity.  I'm glad to at least think that the animals that live there, don't notice ;-).
It seemed to me that the alligators, iguanas and lizards were relaxed and enjoyed the sun and that the elegant egrets, herons, ibises and ospreys waited quietly for a big fish to swim along. Apart from these wonderful sights we were very lucky to see some raccoons and wild hogs scrabbling around in the twilight.

Let's hope that this unique piece of earth, this national park, with its amazing flora and fauna will be maintained and will continue to exist for a long, long time! By means of my pictures I've at least kept some worthwhile and superb moments to cherish in our memory...

American alligator


Lanceleaf Arrowhead

Green Iguana

White Ibis

Eastern lubber grasshopper

Red-shouldered Hawk


Little blue heron

Halloween pennant dragonfly

Cottonmouth viper

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Volcanic La Palma

Of all Canarian islands la Palma is, because of its gigantic caldera, recent outbursts (1971) and vast black lava fields, perhaps the most volcanic one. It’s also the place where you can breathe the purest air of Western Europe, which helps a great deal while walking on steep trails…
When it's warm you see a lot of cheerful canaries and running lizards. And when you're very observant, you might set eyes on the beautiful Gallot’s lizard, a wonderful endemic species. Apart from beautiful nature men has created along the west coast a sort of banana republic. From a "Christo & Warhol" point of view I must say I like it … Another example of human intervention are the windmills along the coast which can be seen as decorative. 
Judge for yourself!

La Palma coastline

Gallot's lizard

Agave plant & flower

Lizard, caught by a cat

Rock succulent


"Christo" bananas

Windmills along the coast

Almond blossom

Hotel premises in the evening

maandag 5 januari 2015

London street art

In december we went to London to visit the exposition of Turner in the Tate and to enjoy the latest John Adams opera. Both ideas turned out quite well, but accidentally we also found ourselves on a new cultural track: London street art. 

Especially in east London, where there used to be a somewhat grey area, beautiful graffiti and street art coloured walls and fences. Artists just took the tempting spaces or were asked to create images according to their own insights. The result was very inspiring to us. 
East London has become an open air museum, great! It's a good idea for dull areas in other cities... 

In my photos you’ll find an impression and of course some of my own interpretation ;-)

zaterdag 13 december 2014

Kos in November

I don’t think they’ve heard of something like winter on the Greek islands. Even in November we found lots of flowers and butterflies on the small and friendly island of Kos. Consequently other insects and even agamas were still crawling around.  Temperatures were perfect for a nice walk along the coast or a boattrip to the volcanic Island of Nisyros. Quite amazing and beautiful, the gigantic crater of this active volcano. And what a surprise to find a very blue paintbrush in the middle of nowhere!
All in all a very good start of what, till now, seems to be a mild winter in Europe…

woensdag 12 november 2014


GLOW, the yearly light art festival in Eindhoven Holland, is again full of surprises and great sound & light experiences. Here you see the st. Catharinachurch in various guises. To be enjoyed up to the 16th of november!

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Vancouver Island

The first week of august I found myself in the good company of my son to have some quality time in and around Vancouver  (Vancouver Island and Whistler). The weather was great for boat- and nature trips.
On the island were forests and logs everywhere: along the roads, on trucks and in the water, amazing! Because of the warm weather, wild life like bears and cougars were probably taking a nap in the cool woods. We were glad to see a single deer, a bald eagle and some cute otters splashing about.
Food in this area  is nothing to complain about: fresh wild salmon, crab, scallops and oysters.  Add some wine and good conversation and the holiday delights are complete!

To view this trip from a completely different angle, visit:   http://wouterworld.blogspot.nl/