maandag 25 april 2016


March being a somewhat cold and wet month in Holland, it's very tempting to start summertime a bit earlier some place else. This year we flew to Martinique to enjoy Caribbean nature in all its beauty.
It's obvious that flora and fauna (and the people ;-) are happy in this kind of tropical weather with its high temperatures, refreshing showers and sultry winds.

As you can see we met with some amazing iguanas, pelicans, red billed tropicbirds, hummingbirds, dragonflies and crabs in the mangroves.

All in all an incredibly beautiful and relaxing experience!

zondag 14 februari 2016

Arizona and New Mexico in winter

In January I was in the happy situation to spend some quality time with my son. We chose to make a tour through Arizona because of its variety in landscapes. Apart from these impressive landscapes and colorful structures, we also experienced temperatures and weather from very pleasant to freezing cold. Especially the beautiful snowy rocks and mountains were a nice surprise!

Our great tour included the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Monument Valley, the Painted Mountains, the Gila National Forest and the Bosque del Apache National (New Mexico). In the last mentioned area we saw and heard hundreds of cranes, which was also a wonderful experience!!

And in the unique Muybridge-style I captured my son in river-jumping-mood ;-)

maandag 28 december 2015

Unknown France

In spring and autumn 2015 we went to the natural parcs of "Foret d'Orient" and "la Brenne" in the flat parts of central France. In spring and autumn weather is agreeable there and not many tourists are to be found :-). Animals and insects on the contrary, like wild hogs, dragonflies, beetles, frogs and lizards appeared every now and again. 
In spring we also came across special flowers in abundance, like all sorts of orchids. As you might notice, we visited beautiful old spots in the neighbourhood and enjoyed the vast and colourful fields we passed.

We cherish all these discoveries and will return to these areas one day. Who knows we will also observe the migration of cranes over there…

Ophrys Apifera


Rana Temporaria

Graphosoma lineatum 

Gomphus Vulgatissimus

Lacerta viridis

Cetonia aurata

Phalera Bucephala

Wild Hogs